Thursday, March 5, 2009

What am I doing here?

Well, it looks like another stressful life change. Our housemate can't afford to keep living here, and we don't want more housemates or a different housemate, so we're all moving out sooner or later. I hate moving, but when you're a renter in a house you can't afford by yourself, and you like your privacy with your little family unit, it's inevitable. So we're looking.

Around the same time, I'm also going on a fishing trip with my father in law and I'm stressing out about. For the first part, he keeps sending me Republican propaganda, as if it's going to change my viewpoint. I'm really starting to resent it. Most of it is simplistic, misleading, naive, ect. I don't know what's bugging me more, that he believes this crap, or that he thinks that it will sway me.

The second thing is more of a compound worry. These fishing trips are never cheap, and we need all of the money that we can keep. Plus, if we're going to be moving within the next month or two, I need all the time and money I can get. Not to mention that I have a project going on that I probably should be babysitting instead of maybe getting my only working car stuck at the cabin again. I stressed about going last year, and I'm stressing again.

So I'm rethinking lots of things. This blog is another one. I still think the idea of an online diary seems stupid, so maybe I'll turn it into a photo blog where I post my photos and explain how I created them. That way, I'll have a reference when I look at a photo and wonder "how did I do that?" Plus, I can see how my photography progresses and improves.

I don't know

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